To Address the Recent Dispute Between Puddles and BKwhopperJR

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To Address the Recent Dispute Between Puddles and BKwhopperJR Empty To Address the Recent Dispute Between Puddles and BKwhopperJR

Post by Zegers on Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:32 pm

The recent issue that holds the reason for Puddles being banned from the NGT server needs to be addressed. Many of you have taken it upon yourselves to revolt against the punishment loosed upon Puddles and start a hashtag campaign. However, after Swag and I have reviewed the evidence given (not to mention HPC and KK from NGT) we all find that the evidence is condemning, the use of the word "faggot" is clearly used multiple times. All of you should know that that is one of the few rules on the NGT server and as regulars to the server it is general knowledge. This campaign needs to be stopped and if you have not seen the evidence yourself I will link the download in this post, BKwhopperJR himself stated that he did not want to post it publicly because he did not want to slander Puddles, however, I feel that this has gotten too far out of hand without the proper knowledge being brought forth, so it will be shared. Aside from what Swag, and I have found as substantial evidence BKwhopperJR has requested that Puddles be unbanned.

The offense is clear and we find the punishment to be just. Those of you who would disagree may state your opinions below. Those of you sporting the #freepuddles tag are inclined to remove it while playing in the NGT servers, as it will not help solve this problem any faster, and there is no reason to bring our clan into the bad side of the people at NGT, as they have graciously allowed us to recruit openly in their servers.

Link to the aforementioned evidence:


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